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1000 Commercial Ball Pit Balls 2.55" Dia Crush Proof and Phthalate Free Made in USA!

Save on 1000 Quantity Balls!

These vibrant colorful play balls for ball pits are air filled and crush proof! Commercial quality balls are ideal for both indoor and outdoor play. Great for eye hand coordination for the little ones! Also available in same color quantities.

Size: 65mm / 2.55inch
Colors: Assorted - Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green
Made of: Low Density PE (polyethylene)
Box Size: 25" x 25" x 30"
Volume: 11 cubic feet
Weight: 25 lbs.



HOW TO DETERMINE THE QUANTITY OF BALLS NEEDED TO FILL A BALL PIT: Calculate the cubic feet of your ball pit by multiplying the length x the width x the depth. This will give you the cubic feet you need to fill. Divide this number by the cubic feet in each box of ball pit balls to determine how many cases you need.

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1,000 Commercial Crush Proof Ball Pit Balls 2.55"
EN01472Reg price: $199.95Sale: $135.95
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